Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still keep being oppressed

"A die three severely woundeds", another set makes people touch an eyes shocking number.Today that values a farmer work benefits in the national height why also tragic incident like this happens?Our farmer work why still keep being humiliated, still keep being oppressed, still need to use tears of blood and even compensate then life can get hold of originally belong at own hard-earned money?
Before begging for a salary, the owner has already owed big wave they"wages of quite a few month".It is thus clear that, this owner early becomes accustomed to and bears debt, hasn,t been putting the benefits of farmer work in the mind and even considers as the object that the dish shells to the farmer work.What is the purpose of bearing debt ?Not just wanting to pay less one is some!But the farmer works exactly drive bear debt a few month wages, until prepare to go home celebrate the New Year, just think of "beg for parlance", there in no don,t say to is a kind of woe.The wages originally should deliver punctually of, bear debt for a month should"beg for parlance", if is a factory inside, the workers early make the Fei Fei Be getting more satisfied.But the farmer works are minorities community, they the power list dint Gu is undoubtedly a Dou however the owner of black heart of.This needed department concerned to appear publicly to help.But where are ours "department concerned"s ?Free to a black heart owner like this to exist, with as for make a human life, this is not"department concerned" of delinquent in duty?

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