Thursday, February 10, 2011

T announced verdict"

Is a thoroughly the person worked hard in the outside for a year and returned to of but is on having an ice-cold corpse, -how should hand over to treat toward his home town elders!
Lens two:In order to beg for a salary, the farmer work does obeisance river god to beg to show supernatural power
In October, last year, at Zheng Zhou Bei view area in suburb garden there is a river god general statue in the doorway, more than 30 farmer work representatives the Fen joss-stick kill a chicken fiesta to do obeisance before this statue.They want to let the river god show supernatural power, beg for salary success for them and go home to grow an autumn.
The farmer works of worshipings is doing a certain"put Yu to reinforce engineering" of big dike of yellow river for 2005-2007 years, but deserve of 6,750,000 dollars wages but be born debt up to now.In the interval, January, 2009, they once bore debt of was matter unit to tell the hospital in new country City, "but until now, opened a two court and hadn,t announced verdict".The medium mark of the engineering square, building square for why bear debt of explanation, each say each reason, listen to up all ample very, the responsibility pushes back and forth, problem where unexpectedly became careless Zhang"Yuan have no head, the debt is ownerless", then had an act that the yellow river near the bank probably also focuses attention the people of this world the people.

Still keep being oppressed

"A die three severely woundeds", another set makes people touch an eyes shocking number.Today that values a farmer work benefits in the national height why also tragic incident like this happens?Our farmer work why still keep being humiliated, still keep being oppressed, still need to use tears of blood and even compensate then life can get hold of originally belong at own hard-earned money?
Before begging for a salary, the owner has already owed big wave they"wages of quite a few month".It is thus clear that, this owner early becomes accustomed to and bears debt, hasn,t been putting the benefits of farmer work in the mind and even considers as the object that the dish shells to the farmer work.What is the purpose of bearing debt ?Not just wanting to pay less one is some!But the farmer works exactly drive bear debt a few month wages, until prepare to go home celebrate the New Year, just think of "beg for parlance", there in no don,t say to is a kind of woe.The wages originally should deliver punctually of, bear debt for a month should"beg for parlance", if is a factory inside, the workers early make the Fei Fei Be getting more satisfied.But the farmer works are minorities community, they the power list dint Gu is undoubtedly a Dou however the owner of black heart of.This needed department concerned to appear publicly to help.But where are ours "department concerned"s ?Free to a black heart owner like this to exist, with as for make a human life, this is not"department concerned" of delinquent in duty?

T ward off at all of dint

Lens a:The Chinese New Year begs for the salary"a die three severely woundeds"
20104:00 p.m. on December 26, Guangzhou, come from Long in Hunan back of big wave and they a few person of hometowns seek owner"beg for a salary" together, unexpectedly the owner is cruelty, shout loudly to lambaste, both parties fought more than a hour to have no fruit.Is proper big wave when their a few migrant workers prepared to return to abode the owner who become angry from embarrassment unexpectedly made more than ten hatchet man hands hold iron staff to beat to come over."We had no inch iron at that time, don,t ward off at all of dint.Remembers that the sickbed that oneself is head has already lain on the hospital while being beaten several bottoms by the iron staff to faint, waking up ascends." The big wave painfully recall to say.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chongqing unites Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black many Chanel Flat leather Shoes Black law firm lawyer

Chongqing unites Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black many Chanel Flat leather Shoes Black law firm lawyer, Yang Zhi, to think, Wang Ting Chun is marriage belongs to invalid marriage, the her and the former husband cheap nike shoes Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandals Blue belong to a cohabitation relation on the law, not bed and board, the fact marriage cans not gets approbation Tory Burch Silver leather Flat Shoes on the Chanel Christian Louboutin Sheepskin Peep-Toe Pumps Black Camellia flip flops shoes law.Wang Ting Chun can relate to the indictment"former husband" to request certain repair cheap nike shoes by cohabitation, but not the ability carry on partition according to the common Chanel rain boots black property between the husband and wife.
Yang Zhi also thinks that the identity information that Wang Ting purely falsely uses an elder sister registers to get married to belong to illegal behavior, according to our country the ID card manage related law Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps rules, the ID card Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black is more exclusive than me, can not falsely use an others identity information, can not even lend out an identity information to be provided for others to carry on illegal activity.Sister a pair is changing the head of ID card to be like with each other is also illegal, if results in serious result of, will be imprisonned.
The person relates to manage first pure
Younger sister, Wang Ting Chun, gets married a certificate top to named "Wang Hui Zhen" and return police Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black substation to change identity information into"Wang Hui Zhen" afterwards.
Elder sister, Wang Hui Zhen, is taken up by the younger sister because of the name, also arrive police substation Louis Vuitton denim shoes to change identity information into"Wang Ting Chun" afterwards.
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
8 Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots year agos, she fell in love with one nike shoes sale to contain Manolo Blahnik black patent leather pumps the man of Fu.This year, after being forced to have a miscarriage, she decides revenge.

Chen Jing Wu

Cao Jie said that Wang Ting purely and really used the elder sister is ID card in those early years Chanel flat ballet shoes gold and produced the name that wrote him of definite of power certificate.He Chanel Ballet Shoes White Mixed Black feels that the house property should return him, because on the divorce agreement write clearly, the house property returns his a person, at the same time, 2 people buy a house to owe obligation, is also undertaken by his a person, "I undertake obligation, should also possess house property to produce power."
In April, this year, Wang Ting purely adjusts to return Christian Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump silver cheap nike shoes to identity and re- carries out ID card with Wang Christian Louboutin Three-Strap Mary Jane black patent leather Hui Zhen.Wang Hui Zhen also carries out to conclude to Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black marry a certificate with husband afresh.
(The party concerned in text all fastens nom de guerre)
Wang Ting purely gets married for 14 years, and she together bed the husband of the total Zhen is hers "brother-in-law".Originally, Wang Ting had never arrived to get married age while purely being pregnant in those early years and then registered matrimony Christian Louboutin platform slingbacks Black with the ID card of old her 3-year-old elder sister, Wang Hui Zhen, .Afterwards, Wang Hui Zhen gets Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Flats Black married as a younger Jimmy Choo North sandal Snake Skin sister.
After getting married, both parties all live together peacefully.In 2006, Wang Ting purely divorces with husband, property and marital relationship became headache of matter."House is get married a period to buy, repay fully to press the Jie this year, Chanel rain boots black I should get a half."Yesterday, Wang Ting purely wired this report hot-line 966988, looked for to crack good plan.
■Reporter, Chen Jing Wu, is good to photograph to report
Can relate to have in expiation of request by cohabitation

Wang Hui Zhen gets married and uses the younger sister is name and personal information

After two years, nike running shoes Wang Hui Zhen gets married and uses the younger sister is name and personal information.Although the sister a pair transposes identity matrimony,the sister a pair all lives together peacefully after getting married, until Wang Ting Chun is feelings appears a problem and divorces Chanel satin flats shoes with husband in 2006.
"House property is get married a period to purchase, I should divide half."Wang Ting purely says that she conducts to do goods business in the north Pei area with husband and purchased a set of housing and two public appearances in the road of Pei Xia in 2001.The Cao hero will produce power to write while carrying out to produce a power certificate in 2003 his under, "I put forward to also write to ascend my name at that time, Cao hero said, get married certificate up write of is the elder sister is name, wrote me of the name is useless."
Younger sister is divorcing don,t get any property
In 2006, 2 people make a divorce, Christian Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump golden Wang Ting purely puts forward to want half of properties, "Cao hero but on the grounds that my identity for getting married is false, refuse."Wang Ting purely says that producing there is no his/her owns name on power, getting married a certificate the top is also the elder sister is name, for proving 2 people ever and together of fact, she and the Cao hero is label divorce agreement, she thought, this agreement can prove they the relation ever.
Which nike running shoes know things go contrary to one is Manolo Blahnik Patent Leather Pump wishes, Wang Ting purely seeks the marital relationship of he or she from proof in domestic affairs bureau and Cao hero, is refused;Go to court to indict a domestic affairs bureau, request to dissolve the matrimony certificate and divorce certificate that the name and Cao hero whom she uses an elder sister obtains, out of court."I want to take back I is rights."Wang Ting purely says that the house property pressed the Jie to still finish now, she wants to be deserved she of want to come back.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Descend a stone too bottom Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black in the town govern of in 108 natural villages

【The judge orders to review 】
The presiding judge Xiao Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandals Blue wave means that all of many three guarantor members that lend out to cure to protect card are middle age and old people in the middle of this case.For going together with more some medicine, or being lured Chanel Flat leather Shoes Black by monthly the advantage fee of 35 hundred dollars, lend the card to the accused person, this kind of behavior is very false.It is large to cure to protect a fund three Helping of guarantor members money, three guarantor members lend out to cure to protect card to over fill a prescription, sell a medicine, will not only result in to cure to protect fund waste, but also will face to stop curing to protect card balance of accounts and send back the Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black result of violating the rules the medical expense, details nike shoes sale seriously may face legal sanction, finally damaged harm of is still a self-interest.(Source:New people is evening newspaper)
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Currently, satellite is house still lives several ten students, the home has exclusively for the lesson table that they prepare
In the evening, Jimmy Choo Satin Diamante Platform Sandals Black He in Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots the bear court "allotment"s meal for children
Satellite is inside in"the student is house", even put stairses implantation
He, "pork guy" in the small town
Is Chanel Flat leather Shoes Black in 30 years
Look after, subsidize cheap nike shoes kid in more than 800 Shan-li living, study
The person in the town says:He did a business of"a great service to mankind"
29 Chanel ballet flats shoes years of "pork guy"
"The student is house"
Descend Chanel rain boots black a stone too town, is a town Christian Louboutin Eugenie suede Pumps black of province English in Guangdong virtuous city least.A straight avenue, horizontal wear whole townses, stand in the town of head one eye can hope tail in the town.It is having an unattractive 2 F small building facing the street and near tail place in the town.29 years inside, descend a stone too bottom Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black nike running shoes in the town govern of in 108 natural villages, 859 kids once was living to lead in this small building.Because there is this small Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black building, because have looking after of host"pork guy" satellite is husband and wife of this small building, the kid of Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump 859 famous mountain areas, finish reading a primary school, Christian Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump golden high school.