Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wang Hui Zhen gets married and uses the younger sister is name and personal information

After two years, nike running shoes Wang Hui Zhen gets married and uses the younger sister is name and personal information.Although the sister a pair transposes identity matrimony,the sister a pair all lives together peacefully after getting married, until Wang Ting Chun is feelings appears a problem and divorces Chanel satin flats shoes with husband in 2006.
"House property is get married a period to purchase, I should divide half."Wang Ting purely says that she conducts to do goods business in the north Pei area with husband and purchased a set of housing and two public appearances in the road of Pei Xia in 2001.The Cao hero will produce power to write while carrying out to produce a power certificate in 2003 his under, "I put forward to also write to ascend my name at that time, Cao hero said, get married certificate up write of is the elder sister is name, wrote me of the name is useless."
Younger sister is divorcing don,t get any property
In 2006, 2 people make a divorce, Christian Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump golden Wang Ting purely puts forward to want half of properties, "Cao hero but on the grounds that my identity for getting married is false, refuse."Wang Ting purely says that producing there is no his/her owns name on power, getting married a certificate the top is also the elder sister is name, for proving 2 people ever and together of fact, she and the Cao hero is label divorce agreement, she thought, this agreement can prove they the relation ever.
Which nike running shoes know things go contrary to one is Manolo Blahnik Patent Leather Pump wishes, Wang Ting purely seeks the marital relationship of he or she from proof in domestic affairs bureau and Cao hero, is refused;Go to court to indict a domestic affairs bureau, request to dissolve the matrimony certificate and divorce certificate that the name and Cao hero whom she uses an elder sister obtains, out of court."I want to take back I is rights."Wang Ting purely says that the house property pressed the Jie to still finish now, she wants to be deserved she of want to come back.

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