Saturday, January 15, 2011

T wish to reveal owner is telephone

The river is some to successively stir to call 120, 110.Because salvage in time, 2 people all rescue.Yesterday, once the Gong court of the people in the righteousness City reviewed to announce verdict, Zhang Lao Han because intentionally the murder charge was penalized imprisonment for a specific term for decade and deprived political the right was a year.Company in Henan reports reporter, Wang Hong Wei, correspondent Zhang Lei Wang little Peng
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
Road Zhai village one have no certificate lubricant to process to order drive confiscate and seal company in Henan report reporter
Recently, there is reader toward this report reflection, state City gold water area Liu Lin Zhen road Zhai village, there is an illegal lubricant processing a point, as long as to foundation oil plusing an additive, a pail of bucket"famous brand" lubricant then produced.Yesterday, should process a point have already been confiscated and sealed by the industry and business section.
Company in Henan reports to apprentice reporter, Wang Xian Bin,
Small workshop
There Tory Burch Silver leather Flat Shoes is oil here, oneself adjusts
On the afternoon of December 20, Liu Lin Zhen road Zhai village, the reporter sees go from the eminence, there are two red big oilcans in a more concealment courtyard, and three smaller white oil buckets are as some as smaller made of iron oil bucket.
At about 7:00 p.m., the reporter gets into a small hospital and claims to be a friend to open a vapor to fix factory and comes over to ask oil for him.One middle age the man come from two down stairses Christian Louboutin Sheepskin Peep-Toe Pumps Black and call they here have oil, but owner not at, and don,t wish to reveal owner is telephone.See a man relatively watch out for, the reporter leaves after leaving cellular phone.

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