Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do what the strength allows

The expert said that"have no building not to marry" brought by"the low age buys building", "the one step is good enough" and"chew old buy building" etc. some ideas that irrationally buys building to need and changes at present.
Do what the strength allows:Let happiness come more dependably
Work in the Yang Qi often bright, with many together the age person compare, the monthly income belongs to medium etc. depend up.However, he chose a house renting.
Was often bright to calculate a Zhang for reporter:"A set of one room that is worth of 2,000,000 one hall in three wreath neighborhoods in Peking, the month rental still doesn,t arrive 3000 dollars, according to the current rent price, rent last 60 years just 2,000,000 dollars, why the need for and must wanted to buy?"
At present, have already been close to 200,000 dollars savings in often bright hand, remaining of the work goes into partnership to do small business with a few friends, can go out a tour with girl friend annually, the day leads easily comfortablely.

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