Thursday, January 6, 2011

Xu Shi Bing

(Source:Communist Party of China news net)
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
The city report Xun(correspondent Wu Zhong Xin of reporter, Chen Ling Mo, , trainee, Xu Shi Bing, , ) New Year is Day in Chu sky, Chinese New Year will go to and violate the rules to accept the breeze of giving presents the gold, shopping card for malicious Cha, Wei city hall in Wuhan City descended hair to notify yesterday:The political organization and its staff member violates the rules to accept to give presents gold, shopping card and all finds out who was responsible, if is serve as a leadership job, then all and first dismiss from post according to the organization procedure.
The notice is definitely six disciplines, include among them:The political organization all can not purchase shopping card with the public funds, all can not present gift gold, shopping card mutually;The political organization staff member all can not accept to manage a kimono duty object, supervisor subordinate unit and individual in the scope, other have something to do with exercising authority of unit and individual present of gift gold, shopping card.

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