Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The target is to repress building price over soar quickly

Parts of experts said that the government still needs to control good building price to soar speed and form more reasonable for rent of sale to compare.Qin Hong says:"The our country buys building age to lower currently and once soared with building price not quickly irrelevant fasten, if income the speed long time of the growth expects to keep on is lower than building price to soar speed, the low age turn, runs before sex, dismay to buy building and then can hardly avoid."
Qin Hong said that this year of the real estate market adjusts to control a policy, the target is to repress building price over soar quickly, this is advantageous to reasonable arrangement of young man is buying a building plans, decrease blindly buy building and unwillingly buy the risk that the building brings.
According to The Xinhua news agency

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