Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is anti- Chinese to go fishing the data that alliance in the website releases then suggest

Is anti- Chinese to go fishing the data that alliance cheap nike shoes in the website releases then suggest, up to 11 the end of the months, 2010s, total amount in the alliance Secretariat affirms and handle of go fishing 32496 in the website, counterfeit to go fishing a website have already become another big Internet"cancer" after the virus, wood horse.
Mao Wei means that willing pass and strengthen profession can believe and study with trustworthiness, practical publicity and reputation making a good business enterprise trustworthiness train and educate a work and push forward the profession trustworthiness system construction completely;Pushing forward an electronic commerce infrastructure to carry a camp safety can believe and prop up as usual developing of the electronic commerce;Around electronic commerce trustworthiness topic, organization is developing an aim is pushing forward the methods like each activity,etc of electronic commerce trustworthiness, completely push China can believe electronic commerce construction and development.Over

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