Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chongqing unites Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black many Chanel Flat leather Shoes Black law firm lawyer

Chongqing unites Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black many Chanel Flat leather Shoes Black law firm lawyer, Yang Zhi, to think, Wang Ting Chun is marriage belongs to invalid marriage, the her and the former husband cheap nike shoes Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandals Blue belong to a cohabitation relation on the law, not bed and board, the fact marriage cans not gets approbation Tory Burch Silver leather Flat Shoes on the Chanel Christian Louboutin Sheepskin Peep-Toe Pumps Black Camellia flip flops shoes law.Wang Ting Chun can relate to the indictment"former husband" to request certain repair cheap nike shoes by cohabitation, but not the ability carry on partition according to the common Chanel rain boots black property between the husband and wife.
Yang Zhi also thinks that the identity information that Wang Ting purely falsely uses an elder sister registers to get married to belong to illegal behavior, according to our country the ID card manage related law Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps rules, the ID card Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black is more exclusive than me, can not falsely use an others identity information, can not even lend out an identity information to be provided for others to carry on illegal activity.Sister a pair is changing the head of ID card to be like with each other is also illegal, if results in serious result of, will be imprisonned.
The person relates to manage first pure
Younger sister, Wang Ting Chun, gets married a certificate top to named "Wang Hui Zhen" and return police Chanel Camellia Slipper Thong flat black substation to change identity information into"Wang Hui Zhen" afterwards.
Elder sister, Wang Hui Zhen, is taken up by the younger sister because of the name, also arrive police substation Louis Vuitton denim shoes to change identity information into"Wang Ting Chun" afterwards.
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8 Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots year agos, she fell in love with one nike shoes sale to contain Manolo Blahnik black patent leather pumps the man of Fu.This year, after being forced to have a miscarriage, she decides revenge.

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