Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chen Jing Wu

Cao Jie said that Wang Ting purely and really used the elder sister is ID card in those early years Chanel flat ballet shoes gold and produced the name that wrote him of definite of power certificate.He Chanel Ballet Shoes White Mixed Black feels that the house property should return him, because on the divorce agreement write clearly, the house property returns his a person, at the same time, 2 people buy a house to owe obligation, is also undertaken by his a person, "I undertake obligation, should also possess house property to produce power."
In April, this year, Wang Ting purely adjusts to return Christian Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump silver cheap nike shoes to identity and re- carries out ID card with Wang Christian Louboutin Three-Strap Mary Jane black patent leather Hui Zhen.Wang Hui Zhen also carries out to conclude to Jimmy Choo Patent Slingback black marry a certificate with husband afresh.
(The party concerned in text all fastens nom de guerre)
Wang Ting purely gets married for 14 years, and she together bed the husband of the total Zhen is hers "brother-in-law".Originally, Wang Ting had never arrived to get married age while purely being pregnant in those early years and then registered matrimony Christian Louboutin platform slingbacks Black with the ID card of old her 3-year-old elder sister, Wang Hui Zhen, .Afterwards, Wang Hui Zhen gets Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Flats Black married as a younger Jimmy Choo North sandal Snake Skin sister.
After getting married, both parties all live together peacefully.In 2006, Wang Ting purely divorces with husband, property and marital relationship became headache of matter."House is get married a period to buy, repay fully to press the Jie this year, Chanel rain boots black I should get a half."Yesterday, Wang Ting purely wired this report hot-line 966988, looked for to crack good plan.
■Reporter, Chen Jing Wu, is good to photograph to report
Can relate to have in expiation of request by cohabitation

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