Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farmland dragon

According to know, in this case 21 accused persons, 16 people are "80 empresses", have another 4 people are "90 empresses".
The local court takes up to find out, since May, 2007, Li Chong Rui in order to attain the purpose that he/she becomes the domineering forces of a region in Tangshan City, big four correct to gather a social free personnel, formed to take Li Chong Rui as to organize, leader, with Liu Tao , Zhao Feng, Yang Zhao Yu, farmland dragon, Li Tiffany tiffany and co australia Jing Yang, smooth Wu, generation underworld property of, cloud Long Deng artificial member of Zhang Jian, Liu Xin and Guo Xing Ming, Li Tao and organize.The organization in addition to with Li Chong Rui monthly to his relatives in addition to tens of thousands dollars demanded for economic source, also pass and set up gambling party and monopolize road in Tangshan City with the meanses such as violence and threat etc. north area Lu harbor high new technique in small area and Tangshan City development area China rather view Yuan small area porterage business, illegally gather Lian money as economic foundation with provide the built-up activity.The organization, leadership that waits a person at Li Chong Rui, direct, Tiffany Necklace suggest under, the organization many implementation gather many Dous to Tiffany Jewelry beat, pick a quarrel a Zi matter, intentionally destroy wealth and properties, intentionally injury, kidnap an etc. crime activity, in order to don,t do evil things, Tiffany Jewellery bully, injure crowd, formed in the certain district certain illegal control, seriously broke the social economy in Tangshan City, living order.

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