Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yellow river sediment the quantity is obvious to reduce

(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
Is medium new agency Peking give or get an electric shock Chinese premier Wen Jia Bao to manage to convene State Department to often work a meeting on the 29th on December 29.For maintenance the national ecosystem is safe, effectively reply world weather variety, help the economic society of Lin Qu to can keep on a development, the meeting decides that carrying out natural resources wood protects two engineerings for 2011-2020 years.
The meeting points out that from 2000 old river is upper streams, yellow river top medium visit stateowned Lin Qu of region and points, such as northeast and Inner Mongolia...etc. carried out natural resources wood to protect engineering completely, obtain obvious cheap nike shoes result.The forest resources keeps on a growth, the total amount chops down less timber 220,000,000 to sign a square rice, the forest area is clean to increase 150,000,000 acres of, the forest overlay rate increases 3.7 percentage points, the forest stores clean increase about 725,000,000 sign square rice.The ecosystem condition obviously turns for the better, the soil erosion eases, importation Yangtze River, yellow river sediment the quantity is obvious to reduce, living creature diverse sex gets an effective protection.Stateowned Lin Qu manages a system to reform to actively push forward, Lin Qu is people is livelihood effectively improves.

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