Saturday, January 15, 2011

And call that he chopped down Sung old make the river some to make a phone call to save her too

At first, the old cow is very passionate.At the beginning of this year, Zhang Lao Han discovers, Jimmy Choo Karina studded shoe boots the old cow doesn,t seem to be originally that sort enthusiasm, and the old companion isn,t cold lukewarm either to him.Zhang Lao Han guesses, the old companion changes heart.He asks her to go home Anne to guard "woman is proper conduct".Sung is old don,t listen to too much, return to fight 1 with it greatly.From that time on, Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots Sung is old don,t go home as well too much.
After cutting down an old companion, he drinks the next two agrochemical
On June 24 this year, Zhang Lao Han asks Sung to is old to go home too much to cow house, and quarrel with old cow occurrence.On Christian Louboutin Sheepskin Peep-Toe Pumps Black that day, Zhang Lao Han lets out malicious words to the old companion, hereafter don,t go home, otherwise, want her good-looking.
After 3 days, when Sung is old to go home too much Zhang Lao Han lends wine to vigorously query her is be not with old Christian Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump golden cow falsely be a relation, and pull and drag her to say:"If two of you have no what, don,t go to him to do there."This pulls and annoyed Sung old too:"I don,t come back.Does the old cow still want to rise wages for me!"
Zhang Lao Han pickeds up Chanel golden ballet shoes a chopper and shine on Sung old chop down too much.Later on, Zhang Lao Han found out two bottles of agrochemicals to drink, intended"a life arrive one life".
The husband and wife all rescue, the old man is judged 10 years Xing
Finish drinking agrochemical, Zhang Lao Han walks to the some in home of neighbor, river, and call that he chopped down Sung old make the river some to make a phone call to save her too.Finish Tory Burch Silver Flat Shoes saying, he then fainted.

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