Thursday, January 20, 2011

The local interest rate ascension may turn worse international idle capital inflow

In recent years, Central America the benefit is bad to pour to hang and present to extend trend.American Federal Funds target the interest rate and our country expect time deposit interest rate to belong to the same Tiffany and Co official interest rate for a year.Their difference in amount from 2008 pour to hang 64 radicles to order to continuously extend into 225 current radicles to order at the beginning of the year.American Federal Funds the actual interest rate and our country is overnight to dismantle to lend interest rates all occurrence between the bank market, belong to the same interest rate in the market.Their difference in amount has poured since April, 2008 to hang and have already extended to 153 radicles to order till November, 2010.Now, theory field widespreadly what to worry BE, the local interest rate ascension may turn worse international idle capital inflow.Face this kind of two difficult predicaments, the our country National Central Bank wants to consider a local factor, and wants to consider an international factor in the middle of carrying out steady monetary policy;Want to pay attention to a short-term problem, and want to pay attention to medium long-term problem.Want stabilize total level of price to put more outstanding position, the processing keeps economy steady to develop, adjust economic structure and manage inflation a little bit quickly so much of the relation of expectation, keeps economic steady health movement hard.

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