Thursday, January 6, 2011

Publicly shake the item of number among them 8

Next year January 1 aims at to violate the rules to accept to give presents gold and shopping card to 3 the end of the months, whole city all levels political organization will also for the very first time develop an item particularly Be whole to cure an activity.Wuhan City Ji Wei, inspect announcement in the bureau to report a telephone:82624205, various communities direct is welcome.
(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
New China net Peking gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Sun Xiao, wins) 1145 owners of the state area in Peking gold corner and the park price control building item to continuously make a contract recently on December 29, will soon the dream of nestling of circle oneself.
The reporter learns of from housing in Peking City and the city country construction committee, this year Peking City lately the opening constuct each kind of guarantee housing 22.50,000 set, excess number complete whole yearses to lately start work 13.60,000 sets of tasks.Publicly shake the item of number among them 8.50,000 set, complete a whole year task 111.8%;The definite direction settles item 140,000 sets and excess number completes a whole year task.At the same time, Peking still finishes construction each kind of guarantee housing about 50,000 sets this year and excess number complete a whole year task 4.60,000 sets of tasks.

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