Thursday, February 10, 2011

T announced verdict"

Is a thoroughly the person worked hard in the outside for a year and returned to of but is on having an ice-cold corpse, -how should hand over to treat toward his home town elders!
Lens two:In order to beg for a salary, the farmer work does obeisance river god to beg to show supernatural power
In October, last year, at Zheng Zhou Bei view area in suburb garden there is a river god general statue in the doorway, more than 30 farmer work representatives the Fen joss-stick kill a chicken fiesta to do obeisance before this statue.They want to let the river god show supernatural power, beg for salary success for them and go home to grow an autumn.
The farmer works of worshipings is doing a certain"put Yu to reinforce engineering" of big dike of yellow river for 2005-2007 years, but deserve of 6,750,000 dollars wages but be born debt up to now.In the interval, January, 2009, they once bore debt of was matter unit to tell the hospital in new country City, "but until now, opened a two court and hadn,t announced verdict".The medium mark of the engineering square, building square for why bear debt of explanation, each say each reason, listen to up all ample very, the responsibility pushes back and forth, problem where unexpectedly became careless Zhang"Yuan have no head, the debt is ownerless", then had an act that the yellow river near the bank probably also focuses attention the people of this world the people.

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