Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"float joss-stick"

Ping En aids to still say:"All once heard seafood chafing dish, fatty cow chafing dish, have never heard "chemistry chafing dish", (actually) who see "chemistry chafing dish"?……The affair that could not see doesn,t can be spread with a concept, this easily misleads."
However, "chafing dish Wei" representative director any is bright to connect reporter is telephone admit, "float joss-stick", "the chafing dish is red" and"hot pepper Jing" equalizes the existence of learning the additive to"leave no room for doubt", "actually I am once seeing thing like this as well on the market."Immediately after his topic a turn:"But association after investigating the circumstance of discovering the member is unit nonexistent use so we want toward the external world introduce for a while, also appeal the whole profession self-discipline at the same time."

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