Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We will take it away

As for the breakfast affairs that directly makes Zhang Jie dropped out from school, Huang Xuan Zhong says:"That day, he not only breaches school rules, but also againsts a teacher and even threatens a teacher, so, we feel, can not make Zhang Jie continue to go to school at this school."
"The purpose of our school is to educate very majority of students, not is responsible for a certain student.If this student influenced the study of our majority of students, I thought an ability not to influence other students because of him.At the right moment be like there is a lousy apple in one basket apple, we will take it away, don,t influence other good apples."Huang Xuan Zhong said his teaching theory to the reporter.He suggests Zhang Jie is parent, strengthen to the kid is understand, and send him to see a mental doctor.

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