Monday, December 27, 2010

Have no several day

"You also say copyright, I also say copyright, now exactly who is original, I made Meng."Rather south Pan is owner of seven star net cafes shakes head to say, in order to avoid risk, he packed quite a few set different showbiz platform, who come to promote and then pack whose, "all give offense to not to rise".
Tell a bitterness:
Is original I support have words to say well
For sow movie to take a copyright fee, the reporter covers of the one phrase of many many owners in net cafe say "support".A net cafe owner says:"Nation want to protect work power person is benefits, we all comprehend, everyone sees a pirate edition, where come to money to make movie business."The south rather green power net cafe is one of the net cafe that led off to install to copy Zhao to help to expand platform, owner, Mr. Liu, says, since nation have a policy will support, the first showing of movie ticket price is 7810 dollars, have no several day, the netizen spends 2 dollars money and then can see a pirate edition in the net cafe and affirm absurdity.

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