Wednesday, December 22, 2010

His personality is very irascible

The business that speaks of Zhang Jie, Huang Xuan Zhong says to the reporter, Zhang Jie is that 1 borrows read living, ever drive rather wave Li Hui Li is high school dismissed, in September, this year just come to this school borrowed to read of, in view of the fact borrowed read living, so rules in the school as long as breaching Ji is school rules in the school, stopped halfway a borrowing of student to read.
Huang Xuan Zhong says that rather the matter school outside the wave is an occupation senior high school, the acceptance score is rather a wave all insides in the occupation senior high school are the tallest.
For Zhang Jie is impression, Huang Xuan Zhong says, he enters school very very naughty, breach school rules for many times, for example some times, hoisting a flag a rites don,t take part in, many latenesses leave early, the teacher also carried on many critique education to him, then, his personality is very irascible.

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