Tuesday, December 28, 2010

See from the data providing

"100% is qualified" is to so "check" to come out
Before now, China cooked association deputy secretary Joe is hero declared, two months ago, the association organized the kitchen of the expert to 100 local and well-known and large brand catena business enterprises, restaurant and logistics go together with send to center make make selective check, involved the chafing dish dining store in the door altogether more than 9000 house, "100% was qualified".
Medium boil to help a president of association and general secretary Ping En to aid the way that revealed to"make selective check" while accepting reporter is interview:We let the business enterprise provide the permission document of production safety, but didn,t do an examination and analyze-because we don,t have this function.See from the data providing, they use of(chafing dish) formula top is have no problem.So that is why!

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