Thursday, December 23, 2010

Very not easy gathered together enough over 10

The close relatives gather together but have heart to have no dint
At 3:00 p.m., reporter is medicine department university in Anhui the fourth affiliated hospital see, the kid is father is mother, grandpa is grandmother and grandmother, there is also aunt, is all on the fourth floor of gynecology sickroom in, mutually attend to have no speech, silent shed tears.
The kid is father, Cai Ze Tao , says that kid is grandpa is grandmother hears from kid is premature to urgently get at a loss what to do and incurs debt everywhere, very not easy gathered together enough over 10,000 dollars of money, the at the crack of dawn pays store village to take bus from the fatty east county beam park town to match fatty rush through, mother is car-sick, vomit in a great messly.Sign a child hospital in the province, know that the treatment fee keeps to presumably need 120,000 dollars, two old men foolishly in the sickroom doorway stand for a long time.In the high medical expense in front, these seven put together eight to pool of over 10,000 dollars, just like in entirely inadequate.

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