Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is really funny

Listen to thus of reply, the reporter temporarily doubts that he or she listenned to wrong.This is really funny:If the common people can clear up concrete composition by themselves and also use an examination?Examine the responsibility of organization is not check pure this trick inside to actually have what, can the common people actually eat?
A few sections rob a tube, is the attitude that is responsible for the public
For"take charge of vacuum", director from pair in government law school in Shanghai closed to protect professor Ying to say, the government management section has to shoulder responsibility, should have a parlance to such a problem that has already aroused public to widespreadly concern:"The key is attitude, the attitude has to improve."
The pass protects an English to think, food safe everyone concern, but under the current system, usually appear the circumstance of a few section mutual evasivenesses, "a few sections should rob a tube!This is the attitude that is responsible for the public benefits."

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