Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is a first-born again

Lie at kid is mother Ms. Lee on the sickbed, the despairing tears beats wet pillow, everyone advises her to take care of health in succession."My body nothing important great problem, but the kid bear come send to a child with the ambulance the hospital went to, I didn,t in time have a liking for one eye, later could not see them?My age is so old, keep in mind a kid very not easy, is a first-born again, I deplore greatly!"
Have no dint to undertake or consider to give up
The friend of disease from the same sickroom tells a reporter, didn,t close eyes for Cai Ze Tao a night, have been guarding a hospital at the child, until just arrive at Anne to cure four to attach a hospital to call on a wife at 5:00 a.m., the outside calling is selling a grain of rices don,t eat as well."All of Mom and Dad were 60-year-old persons, heard my wife is pregnant twins, don,t know much happy, every day bye begin to hope the kid is born, the kid was born now, can ……"

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